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My handsome boy Diesel

Me and Diesel on one of his trips to Switzerland!Pet Ranger was established in 2002 near Okehampton, Dartmoor in the heart of Devon, to provide a professional dog walking, dog grooming and pet sitting service.  During this time our reputation for being both friendly and caring grew and the business expanded.

But after ten and a half sucessful years of business, it was time to move on. The dog walking and pet sitting services have now been sold, however, we are still Dog Grooming and Home Boarding and still Pet Ranger.

I started the business in September 2002. After having been a Pet Ranger in my school days, helping  the neighbours and friends with pet sitting and having many of my own, it had to be the way to go.

This is Jasper my cat who will be 10  in June 2011I trained as a dog groomer, to City and Guilds standards at the London Academy of Grooming in Cheltenham and so the business began. I had a purpose built grooming studio at home in Taw Green, a relaxed and quiet environment, where the dogs could wander in the garden between sessions. I  studied various courses in between and attended many seminars, for example a course hosted by the BVNA (British Veterinary Nursing Association) on Veterinary Oncology – Care for Pets with Cancer, hosted by the Animal Cancer Trust . I am a qualified Animal First Aider and Pet Ranger is an 'Accredited Pet Care Professional', the only in Devon, due to the experience with the animals and the care to my customers.

Clio, she will be 17 in May this year 2011 and still going strong!I have had many animals over the years including a Beagle called Paddy, a Bassett Hound called Jim, Golden Labrador named Sam, Nipper the Jack Russell, 35 Rabbits at one time, Guniea pigs - Mike and Berney, a Hamster - Tim, fish, Goats - Snowy and Bramble - they were great, and numerous cats, Tiddles, Jenny, Stump tail, Basil and Barney. However it was Holly our English Springer who inspired me to start my busisness and I dedicate my work to her, we misss her every day. I now have Diesel the Chocolate Labrador who would come every where with me, unless he was feeling like a lie in and, Winnie the Chocolate Working Cocker. She is very lively! I still have 2 sheep, Woolley now 8 years old and Baby who is am amzing 14 yeasr old and going strong.. But very sadly we have lost both our precious Clio - who was 18 and Jasper - 12, It is a very empty house without cats.

Dawn & Connor

We have travelled through Europe in our Motorhome and are now back home after having a great time and visiting 17 Countries.

If you would be interested to see where we have been then you can read all about our travels on Diesel and Winnies travel page....


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